Why get a prenup?

Prenups are like insurance.

You don't want or expect to get in an accident, become disabled, or have a medical emergency, but you pay for car, disability, and health insurance just in case so that if the unthinkable happens, you'll be taken care of financially.


Similarly, you don't want or expect a divorce, but if the unthinkable happened, a prenup ensures that you are financially secured in a time of crisis, giving you a peace of mind and allowing you to deal with the heartache without worrying about paying high legal fees.

$1050 Flat Rate

No hidden fees or costs.

In the words of Jordan,

a happily married wife who signed a prenup:

Inna "really invested time into understanding my situation and exploring all the potential outcomes. When it came down to it, she was my backbone. I can be a pushover, and naive to what could happen if a divorce arose. The support she gave me will truly make a difference in my quality of life should a divorce happen."


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