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Inna Telkova
Prenup & Will Attorney

Why did you decide to open a virtual law firm?


I’m a millennial.  Like my clients, I love being able to run my entire life from my phone.  From accessing my bank account to downloading my boarding pass to requesting an uber to receiving money via text — I can go anywhere and do anything with nothing more than just my phone.


I want to offer my clients the same experience and freedom when it comes to legal care. They shouldn't need anything more than a good attorney and a smartphone.  

What are your top five gallup strengths?


Competition — give me a challenge, and I’ll do it better than you expected

Strategic — tell me your goal, and I’ll come up with innovative, original solutions that’ll take you to where you want to be and more

Learner — confront me with a novel problem, and I’ll master the skills and knowledge to solve it

Achiever — set a deadline for me, and I’ll have the work completed days before it’s needed

Input — throw large quantities of information at me, and I’ll process and sort through it in no time

What is your educational background? 

Mitchell Hamline School of Law 

magna cum laude, top 15%

Volunteered 200 hours with MN Justice Foundation

Won the Burton Award for best legal argument


A Modern Virtual Law Firm

for Minnesota residents

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